Political Parties Told to Protect Peace-Diriye


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Deputy Minister of State in charge of Security Hon Mohamed Muse Diriye on Saturday called on leaders of political parties and their supporters to protect the prevailing peace that had made the country a beacon of peace for Africa.

He said though the maintenance of peace was a collective effort by all Somalilanders , the “onus lie on politicians, for the rest of us to tow the peace line”.

Speaking at an event held by the ruling party that the maintenance of peace was the absolute responsibility of politicians, supporters and their allies.

He said the next Presidential elections offer another test case for the nation, whether the country’s fledgling democracy was “being built on a solid rock or not”.

He called on the electorates to reject politics of insults, violence and intimidation and demand campaigns of issues and development which would “move the country unto the next pedestal”.

The Minister of State in Charge of Security added, “The peace in country must be guarded and protected and urged the electorates to reject political parties that sow seeds of violence.


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