Ethiopia grants 180 Scholarship seats to SL born students


By Amb. Ayanle salad Dirie

Addis Ababa- “Federal Democratic of Ethiopia has granted 180 Scholarship seats to Somaliland born students for the year 2017/2018,” Amb. Ayanle Salad, deputy- Ambassador of Somaliland Embassy at Ethiopia.

Scholarships include 130 scholarships for under graduate while other 80 seats are Post Graduates.

Amb. Ayanle Salad added, “Proving scholarships to Somaliland will be the key to further improve the already existing ties between the two brotherly countries .We are very grateful to the federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia for supporting us and empowering our people with good education that needed.

The SL Ambassador while speaking said, “I am sure those who will have their study here in Ethiopia will be goodwill Ambassadors and will contribute a lot to the historical ties and co-existence among our people .We thank you again and again for giving us the equal opportunities to our students to graduate with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters here in Ethiopia, this is what good leaders often do.

“We need to build trust and ensure that the two countries need and depend on each other, by creating more opportunities between the two countries so as the relationship to be more beneficial for both people.The two countries are led by two well-educated leaders whose visions are of what is needed to be done to bring the two countries more even closer together for the mutual benefit of their people,” he said.

The ties between Somalilanders and Ethiopian span more than decades. Our principal objectives are to deepen the current relationship on every front.


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