Deputy Minister of National Planning meets with Representative’s of Sudanese based Humanitarian NGO


mainSdnBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon. Kaysar Abdallahi Mohamed, the deputy Minister of National Planning and Development on Saturday received in his office top representatives of Sudanese based Humanitarian Aid & Development (HAD), is an international non-governmental organization which offers aid to victims of wars, natural disaster, immigrants and refugees.

The two sides during the meeting discussed wide ranging issues among them ways to enhance the two countries relations.

The Humanitarian Aid & Development (HAD) delegation led by Mr. Abdallah Kharsam , said, “Our organization aims at making development an attainable target in the countries  they operate e.g. Providing educational service,  health care assistance and agriculture are high on HAD’s agendas.

HAD adopts the approach of partnership with targeted populations in areas of planning, follow up and evaluation. HAD also extends assistance to beneficiaries without any political influences or any kind of discrimination in terms of sex, religion, race or color.

Mr. Abdallah Kharsam said the organization plans to open offices in Somaliland sin the near future.

HAD Operates in the following countries;
Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad
Field of Work;

Social developments programs, Education, Health, Capacity building, Relief work, Women & Children and Water projects.


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