Daud Ahmed Farah is precious gift for Somaliland people


daudThe sweet sounds of different birds and the beauty of the different flowers yellow, red, blue had lured my eyes. Calm and quiet scenes in Amoud University added my memory screening and my intuitive thinking to solve any math and physics problems in my 2002 GCSE examination.


Selection of this suitable place for the GCSE examination came from the wise and perceptive intellect of Somaliland Examination Board Officer, Daud Ahmed Farah. This effective administrative organ is mirror image of insightful man who used to be Somaliland educational spine during the years of its existence. Daud Ahmed Farah is distinguished figure who led this board towards excellence and fulfillment.

Daud Ahmed Farah is central steering figure who stand for efficient filter, which trap the dull and the educationally poor students and allow smooth follow of the highly competitive students to move to secondary’s and universities.


Daud Ahmed Farah is dynamos of Somaliland education because he ensures the effectiveness and the quality of education through tactfully and methodologically prepared examination that continually widen understanding horizons of Somaliland students.


Intellectually gifted officer, Daud Ahmed Farah, built highly sophisticated examination board that increased transparency, accountability, and educational enrichment for Somaliland students.


Honest and experienced officer, Daud Ahmed Farah is lifeboat, which is very prompt to save Somaliland students from the darkness of ruthless ignorance and underachievement. As long as Daud Ahmed Farah is serving in the education sector of this country, it is beyond question that Somaliland development will be incomparably gaining strength and durability.

For that reason, Daud Ahmed Farah is an appreciated gift for Somaliland people.


Farah Barkhad Nour


Borama, Somaliland



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