Five injured at Kol’adey plains


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Interior Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde is leading a delegation of government officials, traditional leaders and elders from Salahley area to calm down skirmishes that reportedly erupted earlier on in the day on Saturday at Kol’adey plains whereby five people are reported to have suffered injuries.

The casualties who included both sides in the skirmishes which pitted security personnel against a handful of armed people were taken to the city’s main Hargeisa Hospital yesterday.

The government is in the process of establishing Kol’adey plains as a national livestock marketing holding pen as it did in Aroori plains at Burao, asper policy, an effort which have of late been politicized and being derailed by some people.

Hon. Waran’adde was flanked by the livestock minister Hon. Abdallah Mohammed Dahir and the Police Chief Commander Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iman.

So far, according to reports, there are no fatalities that has caused any deaths.

Three policemen are said to be injured on one hand and two armed civilians on the other.




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