Famine claims eight lives, Awdal RG reveals


By M. A. Egge

The drought crisis that gripped the country has worsened to a disturbing notch such that the state has sounded the declaration of an emergency situation, following the loss of human lives.

The Awdal Regional Governor Mohammed Ali Suleiman Ramah declared the state of emergency and ordered all servicemen and public civil staff to join forces in helping alleviate the situation by joining in the ongoing relief efforts.

This order comes when the severe drought has started claiming the lives of humans in the region.

He said that the famine situation in both Awdal and Selel regions were more severe and serious than the rest of the other parts of the country.

The RG who gave a moving and disturbing press conference had initially announced five deaths of the residents in the area claimed by the catastrophe; they have since jumped to eight, in an update that the RG himself gave to the media on Friday.

Earlier on he said that the calamity that has killed untold number of livestock that has since started claiming to human lives has left the deaths in its spate from Qulujeed to Fadihun.

Gov. Ramah ordered that immediate supply of relief water to children and weak members of families who were abandoned by the road sides.

According to the governor, the latest deaths happened at Fardo-laguhid after having the family losing all its livestock and left with no other means of fending for themselves hence sadly perished due to hunger.

He elaborated the fact that those who lost their lives were in the bracket of the most weak, thus, those advanced in age and the toddlers.

He said that despite having had a lot of help from the state in the relief efforts, he said much more was needed.

The governor thanked the residents who availed their vehicles to ease transportation problems.

He said that secondary malaise that has arisen due to prolonged hunger was diarrhea due malnutrition.

He however added that places of such affliction has since received health emergency services such as Boon, Qolujeed and Habaas areas.

The relief supply efforts are continuing countrywide following the severe drought. Water, food, medicines, cooking oil etc are part of the items being distributed.

The needs are still of monumental proportions and size.


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