Drought Situation in Awdal worse than previously thought warns Ramaah


RaamaaxBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Mohamed Ali Saleban “Ramaax”, the Governor of Awdal region has stated that the situation in the western region is constantly worsening due to the prevailing drought and dead animals litter the earth, and pastoralists in the region have lost their livelihoods and have been forced into desperate situations.

The regional administrator added, “Awdal and Selel regions have being hit by the worst drought ever and the current situation in those areas was serious and needs to be addressed urgently by the government and international community.

The over 3 years drought in, Awdal and Selel regions has not only depleted the livestock but crop production also. This all negatively impacts the livelihood of the people. Most of Somaliland’s rural folk depend mostly on pastoral production.

“Large numbers of Somaliland pastoralists will be in [a] destitute situation.  Already thousands of pastoralists lost their livestock and they now have no means to feed themselves or their families since their life was fully dependent on livestock. Many others have very few survived animals, but still not marketable’, Mr. Ramaah added.

“With our stretched resources, we have managed to distribute 80 water bowsers in the past week alone for people most affected and also to be used by herder’s to fed their weak animals since they can walk for great distance as they did before considering their current state, “he said.

Mr. Ramaah further stated, “Construction of boreholes, shallow wells and other water points is another need and we have managed to construct 40 shallow wells for them.



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