Deaths of boat people soars as another dies


The surviving immigrantsBy M.A. Egge

The number of the deaths of the humans being trafficked from Bossasso aboard a vessel that ran aground in the high seas has soared with the latest victim dying yesterday. Around 36 of the people on the boat perished.

Over twenty lost their lives in the high seas while twelve died while on shore.

According to the regional chairman of the local Red Crescent Society (SRCS) which took part greatly in the rescue mission Mr. Ahmed Mohammud Hashi aka Kullikulli, the vessel carrying the 106 reported passengers were Ethiopians with three men running and operating it being of Somali descent.

He said that 11 of the deaths which happened within the last 72 hours were buried at Madar-Mogge which is some 40km from Erigavo. The 12th one who died yesterday was being buried in the evening.

The three operators who ran the boat have since been apprehended and are in safe custody.

Mr. Ahmed Kullikulli said that his organization managed to supply the 71 (one died later yesterday) rescued with biscuits, beddings and medical supplies.

Concerted efforts for the relief were done in collaboration with the military, coast-guards, the local administration and the area residents.

The Mayor, the regional governor, the SRCS (Red Crescent Society) and the coast guards also supplied the rescue task with transportation.

The relief support was dispatched from Erigavo.

The vessel was reportedly from Bossaso and was enroute to Yemen, according to the passengers.

The SRCS volunteers eked in a lot of human support.



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