I Will Perform Diligently, New Envoy to UAE Pledges


Hargeisa (THT) – The newly appointed Somaliland envoy to the UAE Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar is in the Country for duties briefing at the foreign ministry in Hargeisa. Amb Bashe who was appointed on Tuesday, 30th June 2015 while abroad on personal business has returned home thence fulfill conditions set by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo that he take up the post with immediate effect. During a press briefing at the Egal International Airport VIP lounge Amb Bashe who thanked the head of state for according him the honour of service in the country’s diplomatic corps Said, “I hereby assure that I shall perform my onerous task with diligence more so as pertain to relentless lobby for our international recognition” Leading the envoy’s large reception committee at the airport was the deputy foreign minister Ahmed Aden Ismail who reveled his ministry’s happiness in having Amb Bashe as the resident diplomat in-charge of bi-lateral relations with the UAE. “We at the ministry of foreign affairs have full confidence in the ability of Bashe Awil Omar performance as a diplomat” said Minister Ahmed adding that the appointment came after
strenuous Scrutiny and vetting by his ministry. eyebrows raised in some quarters following the appointment of Amb Bashe who is a son-law to the presi
dent were laid to rest by Foreign minister Mohamed Behi Younis after he reveled that the head of state only decreed the appointment as per laws of Somaliland while his ministry was responsible for the selection, which was done on merit and nothing else. Although Mr. Bashe takes over the office of Somaliland diplomatic representative to the United Arab Emirates in a lame duck status courtesy of his relation to the president it is worth mentioning that he is a Somaliland citizen not only entitled to but capable of handling the tasks bestowed upon him as well . According to investigative journalist Mahmud Walaleye a childhood friend, Bashe Awil Haji Omar completed his primary and secondary school education in Mogadishu
before proceeding to the University College London UCL where he graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemistry. Following his UCL graduation he secured a postgraduate studies scholarship that saw him join an American university where he attained a master’s degree in Petrochewmistry. Following his masters he was employed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, an American firm as a Research Scientist a position he served for ten years before his transfer to the UK in the same capacity in 2007. Four years later he resigned from Thermo Fisher Scientific and shifted base to Nairobi Kenya where he established a logistics firm that precluded his move to Hargeisa Somaliland.-Editor Watch the reception of Amb Bashe at Egal Airport


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