Do not be swayed by empty rhetoric, Presidential spokesman urges the nation


What the nation of Somaliland have resolved is more important than whatever resolutions put forth by political associations, he says
Hargeisa (THT) The govern ment has vehemently told off way-ward distracters who are only out to create despondence. Following threats by the so called national consultative forum, with help of what is seen as unholy alliance with the opposition parties, that they no longer recognize the government, the Presidential Spokesman retorted that “days when such
rhetoric played politics were long gone”. “What the nation of Somaliland have resolved is more important than whatever resolutions put forth by political associations”, said Duhul. While speaking to our sister paper Dawan by phone on Friday night the spokesman emphasized that “day when such rhetoric dented the wider national image were long gone”.He said that empty words from nonentities will not dampen the nation’s duty of going about its chores, safeguarding the country. “It is incumbent upon the state (administration of the day) to safe-guard the integrity of the country at all times by reflecting the wishes of the people”, thundered Mr. Duhul. “Somaliland has an objective and it is the sole burden of the government to safe-guard it by executing the wishes of the members of the public”, he said. He noted that those who gave the threats were people with no public offices and are wanna-be politicians of no repute. He wondered why every once in a while the oppositionists barked words that are contravening the aspirations of the land and are against the integrity and nation-hood of Somaliland.
“They do not have the moral and legal rights to determine the tenure of the government”, said Duhul. He took issue with the opposition’s political tactics of always asking for foreign interference in SL’s internal affairs. “For them to call for foreigners to interfere in our national affairs is in itself a mega dent on the image and essence of the national integrity”, charged the spokesman. He said that the IC were there only as partners in bilateral relations but as for the internal affairs of the nation it was only for the people of the land. “The constitution of every nation caters for the respective countries only, something that every country is entitled to”, said the presidential spokesman. The so called national consultative forum and the opposition have called upon the government to
make the 16th Dec ‘16 the official election date hence have declared not to recognize the government failure to it. The Guurti constitutionally stated the 17th of April 2016 as the election date, something the opposition parties have defied. The Presidential Spokesman reminded the people that the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud Silanyo was popularly elected and has since done and taken unmatched and un-precedent developmental steps in various sectors of the socio-economical aspects and associated infrastructure. He appealed to the members of the public not to be swayed by the rhetoric of the distracters who do not mind of the well-being of the society. “This country needs progress and not vice-versa”, Mr. Duhul told the opposition


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