Bashe has rights to and befitsthe appointment- FM


Hargeisa (THT) The Foreign Minister Hon. Mohammed Bihi Yonis scoffed at opposition distracters who cried foul without any tangible reasons, hence made it clear that the newly appointed SL envoy to the U.A.E. Mr. BasheAwil had all the befitting rights and credentials to (and for) the task. The Minister at the same time lamented that it was quite sad that many people were neither privy to nor informedof the status of the country’s foreign relations. Hon. Bihi expressed the sentiments upon returning from official duties in Djibouti on Friday. He cautioned members of the opposition to desist from whimsical criticisms especially as concerns
the country’s foreign policies. Contrary to such cries of foul, Hon. Bihi stated that the cordial and working relations of the country with its immediate neighbours Djibouti and Ethiopia were currently quite sound and at the apex. He said that he had just attendeda conference that saw 140 multinational companies invited for an in  vestment conference in Djibouti. “Infact, it is both the Ethiopian and Djibouti commerce ministers who helped me canvass for investments from the Chinese corporations”, said Hon. Bihi. He said that both countries hold the SL in high esteem hence accord her representatives diplomatic straps cordially.
The Chinese government has invested heavily in both countries especially in the energy, railroad, water and roads infrastructure. In answer to the prodding press members on the U.A.E’s diplomatic appointment, Hon. Bihi emphatically answered, “Mr. BasheAwil is an intellectual with amaster’s degree from recognized UK institution and
is a citizen of the country”. He elaborated, “He has all the rights of a citizen and his credentials are quite apt hence I aver that he has all the abilities for the tasks”. The minister was speaking to the media upon arriving from Djibouti.


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