State, IC are both for advancement of democracy, says the VP


By M.A. Egge
Hargeisa (THT) The VP H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismael Sayli’i has made it clear that both the international community and the state concur on the advancement and development of democracy in Somaliland.
The VP expressed the sentiments upon jetting back home last mid-week from several weeks of an extensive tour in the Americas.
The VP’s journey took him to the US and Canada whereby he held several meetings across several states in as many cities with the SL diaspora.
“We met die-hard patriotic Somalilanders wherever we went”, he said to a hoard of pressmen at Egal International Airport’s VIP lounge.
He said that his delegation was heartened by the diaspora community who exuded unity and solidarity.
“We all along met exemplary countrymen who lived in harmonious brethrenship”, he said adding that “their minor differences never cut across political partisanship”.
The VP said that the cities of Washington, Minneapolis, Ohio and Seattle were where they largely held talks in the US and that Alberta, Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton were their itineraries in the Canadas.
VP Seyli’i had also met members of the US congress, senior government officials and some US company executive in the US.
His delegation which also consisted of the state minister of Hon. Ahmed Nour Fahie were met at the airport by several cabinet ministers led by Hon. Hersi A. Hassan of the Presidency aviation, senior government Kulmiye party officials, MPs of both Houses of the National Assemblies Parliament and scores of eminent personalities.


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