Samale praises the President and reiterates his allegiance


He also pledges his loyalty and support to the party at handing over ceremony

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The immediate past finance minister Hon. Abdiaziz Samale has reiterated his steadfast loyalty, to not only preserve and maintain unity, but to help bolster and steer the ruling party Kulmiye ever better, higher, greater heights.

He at the same time repeated several times his close bond of personal and inter-working relations with the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo.

Hon. Samale categorically, too, stated that there was at no any one time whatsoever he and the President were at logger heads as concerns the treasury hence scoffed off at such innuendoes peddled in the public. He attributed the latest happenings as situations created by detractors who are trying to put a wedge between the two long political allies and friends. He vowed his continued alliance and close friendship with the President.

Hon. Abdiaziz Samale gave the sentiments at a function where he was handing over the financial portfolio to the newly appointed Minister Hon. Zamzam Abdi Aden.

Both were to swap offices following a major reshuffle made last week but the former rescinded the new posting, citing personal emotions whose details has not been elaborated so far.

The function which was held at the newly built Interior ministry’s conference hall saw an unprecedented number of cabinet members gracing such an occasion, which had some of them  join the general audience, something hitherto unseen.

Hon. Samaale pointed the fact that it was in his tenure that for the first time in the history of the country that the state has been able to have the national annual budget’s preparation completed and passed by the parliament in the stipulated time.

He personally noted the fact that his success was made able by the President himself who had the jobs on hand.

The minister handed over a total of 19 million USD, 38 buildings and 63 vehicles to the new minister.

The government’s budget at the time of his landing over stands at unprecedented 180m USD and the national one at 251m USD.

Hon. Samale took over from Mohammed Hashi whereby the budget stood at a mere 88 million USD hence was not yet made nor passed by the parliament in time.

That year, 2012, saw both the preceding and successive budgets tabled at parliament, leaving the treasury with a clean bill of track record for the first time in the country’s history.

Mr. Samale gave detailed breakdown records of the amounts he was handing over.

He severally repeated the fact that he was not at logger-heads with the President and charged that the allegation’s peddled in the media were only petty lies and rumours.

He re-affirmed the fact that he was a co-founder of the ruling party and would remain so.

He spoke at great lengths of how close he was with the President and that their relations were not dented in any way.

Many allegations of wild rumours were seen following Hon. Samale’s declination to take over the education portfolio.

He said that it was only for a personal whim whose reasons he didn’t substantiate, but, he however acknowledged the fact that the educational ministry was a vast one with far much more staff and budget than even the finance one itself.

He took time again and again to remind the audience that he would be steadfast and loyal to the party hence would help bolster its viability.

At the function, the DG of Finance ushered in the new minister hence hailed the outgoing one as a quite diligent official.

The Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde praised both the outgoing official and the new treasury chief Hon. Zamzam.

Similar words of praise were given to the audience through speeches by the state minister for Finance Hon. Sahardid Adami, Defense Minister Hon. Abdirahman Adami, Commerce Mr. Dr. muse Qaasim.

Other ministers who graced the occasion were Foreign Mr. Mohammed Bihi Yonis, outgoing livestock minister Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir (transferred to social affairs), Postal and Telecommunications Hon. M.J. Abgaal, Public works Hon. A. Khalif, the Central Bank governor, his Director General and top staff of the treasury.

Hon. Zamzam hailed her predecessor for the wonderful job he has done and pledged to continually work with him.

The general scenario was one of happiness and togetherness.



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