President back to rousing welcome after whirlwind national tour


It is state’s incumbency to take stock of situation everywhere in the country, he says

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT):- President of the Republic H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo and his large entourage returned to the city yesterday shortly before dusk after a week and a half of whirlwind tour across the breadth of the country to a rousing welcome.

The President whose climax of the trip was the sojourn at Lasanod, Gambada and Goja-adde tour, topped with, attending a final soccer cup at Berbera never showed any signs of tiring or fatigue at all.

All along his trip which saw him visit virtually every village along the way, the message of the Head of State to the members of the public was the imperative need to have a good rapport between the community and the state for the mercurial development of the nation.

The President’s entry to Haregisa, and by extension, all along the Berbera-Hargeisa highway, was highlighted by the unprecedented hilarious reception his entourage was accorded by the members of the public.

The Head of State who had first started his journey along the country’s territorial inner borders had over the week spent his nights along the towns from Balligubadle to Haji Salah to Ballidig.

At Haji Salah, the head of state inaugurated the new local veterinary clinical centre (livestock office) and equally opened an extension made on the local livestock market. He also, as he did all along the way, initiated new development projects.

He laid the foundation stones for a local court, police station and the area’s administrative block office at Haji Salah.

He widely held consultations with local traditional leaders and pledged to look into the area’s chronic water problems.

The Information and National Guidance Minster Hon. Abdillahi Dahir U’ Kuse expressed the fact that the local area’s residents had “vouched for the fact that all the developmental aspects initiated and achieved by the President were visibly clear, witnessed hence can never be hidden”.

The President toured Biyo-Hdo, Ali Issa, Bil’inle, Dagah-deer, Doqoshey and Qoryale, his village of birth.

He inaugurated the first 10km of tarmacked road at Ina-afmadobe, of the Burao-Erigavo highway which is presently under construction. Similarly, he commissioned another 20km of gravel road along it.

His tour which went through Qoryale, War-ibran, Sha’sha-adde and Ainabo saw him open Guest house and a court of law at War-ibran.

The President reiterated the fact that it was incumbent upon his office to witness first hand whatever was being done and implemented and at the same time evaluate and take stock of the remainders.

He also said that it was for the state to support, aid and help in whatever means possible it was expected thereof.

The Interior Minister Hon. Waran’adde noted the fact that tribalism was wrong and that the President’s tour taught them that priority should be directed towards unity and togetherness. At the same time his livestock counterpart Hon. Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir who announced at the venue that he had brought a vehicle-load of medical drugs, pledged to supply War-ibran centre with a truck for transporting drugs that demands refrigeration.

The residents of the area acknowledged the President’s steadfast development and awarded him a certificate of honour to the effect.

The Presidential tour then took him from Burao to Yagori, Adi-adeye, Gumayus, Lasanod, Gambada and Goja-adde.

Apart from meeting and having lengthy consultations with area leaders at Lasanod, just as he did in other places, the President toured the military base at Gambada at the Somaliland/Somalia frontier.

He said that it was indeed an honour for him and his entourage to visit the servicemen.

He particularly noted the fact that the military was held in high esteem by all in the fabrics of the society and that he commended them highly.

The residents on their part said they were equally honoured to have the vast army brigade being based in Gambada.

On their part, both the Defence Minister Hon. Ahmed Haji Ali Adami and the Chief army commander Major General Ismael Mohammed Shaqalle noted that it was ofcourse an honour to be paid the courtesy call by the Head of State who is indeed the commander in Chief of all armed forces.

On his way back to the city the President visited Sheikh and Berbera towns.

At Berbera he attended a final soccer match which pitted the municipal FC and Water FC against each other.

The full-house Abdallla sports grounds tournament that was graced by the President’s attendance and that of his entourage saw a highly entertaining match which  ended in penalties.

Apart from praying the Friday prayers at Berbera with the local communities, the President toured needy families in the area and gave them hope.




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