Berbera City Council Block Privatization of Power Company


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Berbera city councilors have vowed to block moves by the current government to privatization of the government owned Berbera Electricity Generation Company during a council session held on Wednesday.

The Mayor of the port city of Berbera Hon Abdishakur Mahmoud Hassan speaking during a press conference held at the Mayor’s office said, “We won’t allow the privatization of Berbera Power Generation Company vowing to block any such moves by the Ministry of public works.

The Mayor of Berbera added, “Today’s council meeting concluded with the issuance of a three point plan

1.            The Berbera power Generation Company will not be Privatized

2.            Berbera city council will be responsible for the management and running of Berbera power Generation Company like it previously did before the Ministry of Public Works and housing took over.

3.            In accordance with Article 23 of Somaliland regions and district law ,Berbera city council will also assume the management and running of Berbera water supply agency.



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