President’s wise words well said


What the President has just expressed is what we have been appealing for the past three weeks in this column.

It is quite well said, well put and well directed, and of course in the nick of time, quite opportune.

Harmony is a cord well struck hence makes a symphony reverberate to a well tuned beat.

Just as peaceful stability is nurtured and maintained, whoever interrupts either a harmonious setting or a solidarity gist renders asunder matters and splits issues apart, both, for he worse.

The jostling for power amongst top Kulmiye stalwarts that degenerated into bitter rivalry that touched on polarizing both communal and inter-communal settings were just as serious as the renegade perceived  pacifier who opted to lead warriors other than normal traditional folks.

While we understand what personal aspiration or communal one is, that of the nation-hood is indispensible and surpasses all partisan whims.

Kulmiye party should hold fort and has to be rigidly defended since it is a ruling one. To dent its image or to let clannish or tribal derivatives seep into it is abhorable.

On the other hand when it comes to the sovereignty of the land, encroaching into its integrity and undermine it is equally just as abominable.

As we hail the Head of State for his New Year’s Eve message to the people of Somaliland, we happily rest assured that both qualms have been aptly addressed.

He has directed the squabbling to stop and pledged addressing the Awdal issue hence put the nation as a priority.

That much said we once more call upon all Somalilanders wherever they are, both young and old and from all walks of lives to revitalize, reinvigorate and step-up further, with a much more newly pepped morale, the quest of our never-dying aspirations.

This should be our focal point of rallying together in resolutely marching towards our destination.

Of course such cannot be realized without the ever cherished peaceful stability that must be preserved perpetually at all times.

This, too, can never be achieved if we don’t persevere in endurance and live with optimistically high spirits.

And then, only then, can we get going a step further in the progressive developmental aspects of all areas of our socio-eco-political needs.

We should hope and wish for better new standards and heights to our livelihoods.

In the same breath, the entrepreneurship society of the country should come to terms to reality and do the necessary.

It is no secret that despite falling world oil prices that has subsequently been on a constant descent over the past three years, our local business fraternity have been moving in the opposite direction; they have ascended their prices by constantly having on the rise against all logics.

They should repent as any good Muslim would have expectedly been inclined to do hence re-align the costs of basic consumer necessities.

With that we wish our readers a marvelous and prosperous year 2015 and lots of blessing during Maulud ‘un Nabi.




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