President Silanyo Inaugurates New SONYO Headquarters


By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo in a well-attended ceremony today officially opened the new Somaliland youth umbrella organization (SONYO) headquarters.

President Silanyo speaking during the opening ceremony of the New SONYO headquarters said, “I am happy today to here with the youth of this country and I would like to use this occasion to congratulate on your restless efforts towards youth’s dream of development, prosperity, peace and stability.

SONYO umbrella today is  a place where every youth of us can display his/her hidden knowledge and give advice to turn one from the other. SONYO today is a place where young men & women volunteering in a community applying their skills and knowledge to prepare a better tomorrow for the next generation. A place that youth to obtain the guidance and support they need in this challenging stage of life to make a sizeable input to their country.

Chairman of SONYO Hon Mubarik Ismail Taani speaking during the ceremony sadi, “On behalf of SONYO and Somaliland youth , I do hereby thank President Silanyo for his support towards the needs and priorities of the youth in form of the support the government offers and which are vital in mobilizing young people in Somaliland in order to engage with development issues.

Hon Mubarik Ismail Thani also acknowledged the support the current government the ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs and the ministry of finance for allocating funds in form of the Somaliland Youth Development Fund for the first time to be used in implementing National Youth Policy.

The Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs speaking at the ceremony said, “I do hereby thank his Excellency President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) for his never ending support to the youth of this country of whom the future lies with”,

The Sports Minister added that the youth umbrella (SONYO) plays an important role in alleviating the status of the youth in the country such the economic enablement of the youth and which role the Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO Umbrella) in mobilizing and empowering young people in Somaliland.


Somaliland National Youth Umbrella known as SONYO Umbrella is a national, non-partisan and no-for-profit Civil Society Organization registered in Somaliland as a non-governmental Umbrella organization. SONYO Umbrella was founded in 2003 June 05th as an independent nationwide youth initiative with the overall goal to redefine the role and the contribution of the young Somali landers in the social, economic and political development of Somaliland.


Founded in 2003, Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO Umbrella) came into existence with the constant support of many individuals, young people, youth organizations, groups, friends, development partners and well-wishers. This brief history note is a reflection of the journey of SONYO Umbrella and the impact it has had over the period. The founding congress of SONYO marked the first time that a large group of young people met to deliberate on the future of the country and their role in it. This General Assembly meeting was aimed at mainstreaming youth leadership in all spheres of national life.


SONYO beneficiaries are always regarded for the way they made SONYO’s programs and projects reflective from their needs through provision of constructive critique, practical feedbacks and pragmatic recommendations. The funding partners of SONYO are acknowledged for their substantial role in consolidating SONYO as a reliable institution which has both the organizational capability and the expertise to implement its wide-ranging programmes.


The eight years that SONYO existed can be described as an experience that contains various significant lessons and successful reflections and that consists of two successive phases—from idea to action. Many programmes and projects have been conducted while lessons were being learnt. In the beginning, the Umbrella used to have 3 chairs, one long table and 4-meters square sign board while currently it has fixed and current assets amounting hundreds of thousands of dollars—a difference made with vision, commitment, unanimity and values.


While in existence, SONYO Youth Umbrella has stamped itself as the producer of “young leaders and professionals”. Almost in every established UN, international and/or local organization you name it, you encounter with somebody who used to work for SONYO! The young aspirants who have gone through the empowering, accountable environment of SONYO do currently hold high executive, management and leading positions in the private and public sector organizations!


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