Armed Forces block attempted Incursion by Puntland Militias


Residents of Dhahar welcome the rapid response on the part of Somaliland armed forces in repulsing the Aggressors


Hargeisa (THT) Somaliland armed forces on Thursday this week repulsed officials accompanied by armed militias from the semi-autonomous region of Puntland who in had provocatively attempted intruded into Somaliland territory chasing them to the outer fringes of the port city of Bosaso.

The several Ministers from Puntland and their accompanying militias were blocked from entering the town of Dhahar by units of Somaliland armed forces based in Badhan town and were chased out of territory, this according to reliable reports from our sources in the eastern city of Dhahar, Sanaag region of Somaliland.

The intruding militias are said to be led by high ranking officials including the Puntland’sMinister of Livestock, the deputy Minister of Justice and the deputy Minister of Interior.

The fleeing Puntland officials and their militias were later reported to be regrouping at some isolated place several miles outside Dhahar but later chased out by Somaliland armed forces who later in what resulted to a hot pursuit which end in the outer fringes of Bosaso.

Residents of Dhahar welcomed the rapid response on the part of Somaliland armed forces in repulsing the attempted incursion by Puntland Officials and their militias.

Puntland has in the past actively been funding and supporting underground movements in an attempt to instigate armed conflicts in the eastern regions of Somaliland so as to undermine Somaliland Sovereignty.

By Goth Mohamed Goth


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