SFG uncouth behavior must stop


Slowly but surely the SFG administration of Mogadishu have steadily left no stone unturned to undermine the essence, self-being, integrity, state-hood, nation-hood and territorial rights of Somaliland.

They do this quite knowingly while equally quite content with the fact that it would hugely, grossly and definitely not only undermine the future of the Turkish sponsored SL/Somalia talks, but gravely put them into serious jeopardy.

Given the fact that all the past concocted and subsequently cobbled “Somali governments” had nothing more than the only agenda of undermining SL from the word go for almost a quarter of a century, they have never done any tangibly positive thing for themselves.

For all these years, they have only systematically and successively been pre-occupied with looking for ways and means of achieving subversive, incursive and undermining acts and objectives that are meant to nip SL by the bud.

More lately we find that their onslaught in putting SL achievements in jeopardy has had more impetus especially with the arrival of Hassan’s incumbency at the SFG helm.

The behavior of the Mogadishu administration to turn a complete blind eye to the realities on ground is not only perplexing but quite confounding.

It is not upon us to discuss or point out their disintegration which has multiplied since nor their monumental tasks ahead, but we should never let them to pull us into their quagmire.

We reiterate the words of caution and wisdom of Hon. U’kuse and Hon. Duale and in fact bond them with further pleas and sentiments.

Our casual glance over this issue deduces the fact that the systemic Mogadishu uncouth onslaught on our integrity is taking a faster pace within the orbits of the same sure footing.

Since Hassan’s witty comments that our independence was “mere illusions” his speaker and then PM had similar derogatory expressions.

Then, came in their former cabinet members, who touched negatively on our aviation and associated matters.

Now the Information and natural Resources SFG ministers have upgraded their tones and the squeals are quite spiteful.

Technically, practically and squarely have the infringements upon our integrity justify the immediate suspension of further talks.

We are pro the opinion that no talks should go on without, firstly, an apology from the SFG and secondly, a written pledge of commitment to adhere to the articles of earlier agreements.

In them were those which called upon the parties not to interfere or undermine each other’s integrities.

Furthermore, from now henceforth we should no longer undersign our commitments as the GoS (Government of Somaliland) but we should do it rightly as enshrined and prescribed in our constitution, thus, The Government of the Republic of Somalia (GRS); perhaps this inconsistency may have been an oversight on our part that has made the Mogadishu government to assume that we are a provincial administrative government that is under the SFG!

Apart from being stern with SFG, and on a serious note at that, we should also step up our lobbies, address internal issues swiftly, fortify our solidarity and bolster our security.

Somaliland is here and here to stay,-that is what that all should know.


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