Somaliland: Civil Aviation Minister is attending a meeting in London addressing security


LONDON, July 15 (The Horn Tribune)  – A delegation led by Somaliland’s Minister of Civil aviation Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi and is accompanied by head of Immigration Department Mr. Mohamed Ali Yusuf alias Mohamed Ambaro, Mr. Hussein Al Isqawi a scholar, and an engineer Abdinasir Garad Abshir are attending a large gathering that is taking place in London.

Delegates of More than 30 countries mainly from African and Asian continents are invited to attend the conference and Somaliland is among those nations which have been formally invited at the conference. Diplomats and senior British government officials were in attendance at the summit.

The conference is aimed at addressing ways to enhance security in Africa and Asia. Long speeches were made by the attending delegates concerning ways and mechanisms of preventing problems that the world is faced with and the lack of security that is spreading in the universe.

Somaliland delegation headed by Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi, Somaliland Civil Aviation Minister held separate meetings with the attendees and spelled out to them in depth the security and stability in Somaliland which lies a region plagued by terrorism and piracy. He appealed to world delegates that they must do all they can to assist Somaliland on the areas of security, education and development.



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